The Art of Layering

Some of the best results we see come courtesy of a customised regime of daily diligence and a targeted combination of skincare products. That’s where layering comes in: using two, sometimes three different treatment products in tandem to address a specific concern like sun damage, breakouts, or premature ageing.

Layering active formulations, like serums, to tackle the different side effects of a particular concern is like a one-two punch in the face of problem skin. Take pigmentation for example: you want to improve and even out your skin tone and fade those patches of pigment but stimulating the skin’s natural radiance will also help to take the focus off those patches and give you the glow of happy, healthy skin.

Here, a few of our tried-and-trusted serum combinations you can use at home to address four of the most commonly-complained-about skin concerns:

Here, a few of our tried-and-trusted serum combinations you can use at home to address four of the most commonly-complained-about skin concerns:

Slay Sun Damage

AM: Wake up, cleanse, and add a sprinkle (and only a sprinkle) of skin-brightening Vitamin C 100% to a pea-sized amount of our pigment-balancing Even Blend Serum. Mix together and apply all over your face, treating the backs of your hands to any excess. 

PM: Before bed and after cleansing, reach for Even Blend Serum to chemically exfoliate and refine skin texture and tone. Follow with Rejuvenate 15 Serum for superior antioxidant protection against free-radical damage and to boost the skin’s natural cellular renewal process.

Note: it’s important to remember to apply Even Blend Serum first as it contains powerful exfoliating active Glycolic Acid and has a smaller molecular structure which requires it to be applied to clean skin to penetrate the skin and get to work.

And P.S. To amplify results, in time you can work up to using the Vitamin C and Rejuvenate 15 twice daily.


Clear Congestion & Breakouts

AM: If you’re not using a Glycolic or Lactic Acid-based cleanser already, switching to a more active, treatment cleanser will help to deeply cleanse and decongest skin prone to breakouts. Spritz with our Multi-Active Mist over your face and neck. Then layer with one of our all-time favourites, Even Blend Serum: the Glycolic Acid helps to resurface and refine your complexion, fade acne scarring and uneven skin tone, while fast-tracking better, brighter, smoother skin cells for a visible improvement you (and others) can see.

Don’t forget your favourite moisturiser; even oily or acne-prone skins need daily hydration.

PM: In the evening, cleanse your skin, spritz your face with Multi-Active Mist, and then apply our signature Retinol to harness the skin-refining superpowers of Vitamin A (boosted with peptides) that activate your skin’s repair mode while you sleep. Apply your favourite moisturiser 30 mins before bed so all that great skincare prep doesn’t just end up on your pillow.


Quench Dehydration

Spritz our skin-freshening Multi-Active Mist over the face and neck for instant hydration. Then while skin is still damp, press a few drops of Multi-Active Oil into the skin to lock in that hydration. A botanical blend of Rosehip, Macadamia, and Jojoba Oils, it helps to boost and calm dehydration, sensitive skins, and restore and retain the skin’s natural moisture levels. [It’s also our go-to skin reviver when travelling.] Layer with your daily moisturiser as your final step.


Activate Your Anti-Ageing Plan

AM: After cleansing, spritz with Multi-Active Mist and then apply our Rejuvenate 15 Serum to fortify, nourish, and protect your skin from the inevitable environmental impact of the day ahead. Follow with your favourite moisturiser to keep skin hydrated.

PM: And now it’s time for a 1-2-3 anti-ageing punch. First, mix a sprinkle of Vitamin C 100% into a pea-sized amount of Retinol and apply to clean, dry skin. Next, as a final, collagen-stimulating step, finish with a layer of Ultra Firming Eye & Neck Cream: powerful peptides help to tighten and lift the skin while blurring the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Winning.

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