Perfect Pairings: Why We Love to Layer

Skincare loves company. And we love to pair up some our favourite ingredients and star performers to really rev up results. Here’s how (and what) we like to couple up…

Teaming up two active products is a great way to prompt your skin into action. First, a couple of things to remember about layering;

  • Order is everything

What you apply and in what order you apply is super important. When layering skincare, always start with the lightest formulation (eg. a mist) through to the heaviest (eg. an oil). Ideally, you’ll also leave around 60 seconds between layers to allow your skin to absorb each product and avoid pilling (where product starts to ball or clump on the skin).

  • Press don’t rub

The other important application tip that makes for successful skincare layering is the way you apply it. Patting and pressing product rather than rubbing it into your skin will prevent pilling. This is especially important when applying any makeup over the top of your skincare. You don’t want to undo all that great skincare prep underneath.

  • AHAs get priority, always

Exfoliating agent Glycolic Acid has a small molecular structure which means it needs to be applied to clean skin first in order to efficiently penetrate the surface layers and get to work. So if you’re looking to layer two of our excellent correcting serums to fight hyperpigmentation or acne scarring then apply Even Blend Serum first, followed by Rejuvenate 15 Serum for a one-two cosmeceutical punch.

Certain Ingredients Play Better in Pairs

We know you know your ingredients but what’s even more important to know is the importance of ingredient combining. Why? Because many don’t mix well together and can cause irritation and formulation instability while others are only effective or stable when supported by another. Some examples of ingredient power couples we really rate:

  • Vitamin C & E

A highly effective antioxidant with amazing brightening and skin-refining powers, Vitamin C can also be volatile and unstable. Yet when combined with Vitamin E, it has a stabilising effect and helps Vitamin C do its best work without irritating the skin or oxidising when exposed to air.

SKINTEL: Maximise your vitamin intake by layering Multi-Active Mist with Moisture Defence Oily by first spritzing skin and then applying moisturiser while skin is still damp.

  • Glycolic Acid & Vitamin C

Combine the exfoliating powers of AHA superhero Glycolic Acid with the brightening abilities of antioxidant Vitamin C and skin magic happens. Together, these two are definitely a pigment-correcting powerhouse and help to significantly improve skin tone, clarity, texture and radiance.

SKINTEL: Mix a sprinkle of our brilliant brightener Vitamin C 100% into Even Blend Serum to help treat hyperpigmentation, dark spots and dull, fatigued skin.

  • Green Tea & Caffeine

Both potent antioxidants, your free-radical protection and repair benefits double when these two connect. Green Tea soothes and hydrates while Caffeine helps to reduce puffiness and revitalise, making them a helpful duo to improve puffiness and excess fluid, especially under the eyes.

SKINTEL: Revitalise skin with hydrating Multi-Active Mist and layer Ultra Firming Eye & Neck Cream while skin is still damp to lock in all that antioxidant-rich hydration and calm and brighten. 

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