Our Favourite Summer Skincare Swaps

Just as our wardrobes need to change in summer, so too our skincare routines. We’re sharing some of our favourite skincare swaps to help you weather long, hot days and humid, summer nights.

1. Lighten Up

Despite warmer weather, skin can still suffer from dehydration and dryness just as it does in Autumn and Winter. All that time spent in air-conditioning, long sunny days spent outdoors, and the drying effects of salt water and chlorine can see us more prone to dry, flaky patches and tight, thirsty skin. Every skin needs daily hydration and our Moisture Defence range of hydrators sorts skins from oily to normal to dry, loading it with just the right amount of moisture and antioxidant protection. If your Winter go-to is Moisture Defence Ultra Dry, consider dropping down to the lighter Moisture Defence Normal for Summer.

Swap: your morning moisturiser for Age Defence SPF50+ on hot, humid days to combine your hydration and protection needs in one simple step. Our very own non-whitening sunscreen combines the highest broad-spectrum protection with antioxidants and hydrating botanicals to keep skin comfortable throughout the day.

2. Amplify Your Exfoliation

Skin is more likely to suffer from congestion and clogged pores in Summer thanks to an uptick in oil production, more frequent sunscreen application, and hotter, humid weather that sends our sweat glands into overdrive. Regular exfoliation can help to regulate oil production, decongest pores, and keep skin looking clear, smooth and bright.

Swap: Enzymatic Micro Peel for our AHA-active Glycolic Scrub 14% twice a week. This hard-working blend of chemical and physical exfoliants and anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil is amazing for normal, combination, and congestion-prone skins, with the exception of sensitive types.

3. Double Down On Cleansing

Summer means more sweat, more sunscreen, and for many of us, more sebum. Working in an additional cleansing step is a great seasonal update to keep Summer skin clear and in control.

Add: Micellar Water into your cleansing routine. Loaded with antioxidants and prebiotics, it’s a no-rinsing-required formula that’s gentle enough for all skins but effective enough to remove everything from sunscreen to eye makeup. We use it as either a pre-cleanse step or post-cleanse as a toner to mop up any stubborn residue that can clog pores if left on the skin.

4. Check Your Sensitivity

Inflammation can undo everything when it comes to skin. Summer brings with it a load of potential inflammatory triggers like hot weather, increased sun exposure and longer days spent outdoors, more time in the surf and chlorine. All of which can make skin more prone to sudden sensitivity, redness, and irritation if left untreated.

Swap: your favourite mask for our Quick Fix Calming Sheet Mask to help soothe and rebalance the skin. Infused with a calming cocktail of botanicals (Niacinamide, Brown Algae Extract, and honey), it’s sweet relief for sunkissed skin, aggravated acne, or sensitivity.

Add: To boost mask absorption, run our Rose Quartz Roller over the top of the sheet mask, rolling outwards and upwards from the centre of the face. Repeat the rolling action 3-5 times for each section of the face.

SKINTEL: Our All Stars Collection features four of our skinstitut MVPs including Moisture Defence Normal and Glycolic Scrub 14% is a great value edit that will save you a significant $23.50 / 19% and have you all set for great Summer skin.

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