All You Need to Know About Ingestible Marine Collagen

Supporting your skin with a daily Collagen supplement can help you fast-track your skin goals from the inside out.

There’s been a lot of buzz about Collagen supplements over the last few years, despite the fact that science has been slow to officially back up that buzz. However, there’s now significant anecdotal evidence into the skin benefits of ingestible Hydrolysed Marine Collagen. Studies show that a daily intake can help to boost Collagen density and production, while also improving overall skin elasticity, hydration and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What is Collagen?

The most abundant protein in the human body, Collagen is essentially the glue that holds our bodies together. It’s in our gut, bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, skin, nails and hair which is why it plays such an integral role in our overall health.

Collagen’s superpowers include:

  • Repairing, soothing & strengthening the gut
  • Supporting digestion & nutrient absorption
  • Boosting further Collagen synthesis
  • Strengthening skin, nails, and hair

Why Collagen is essential for great skin

Collagen is like the scaffold that provides strength, structure, and support for the skin. It helps hydration, vitality, and resilience, and encourages a soft, smooth, plump skin texture. Collagen also has a significant influence on the gut, widely considered the control centre of the entire body. Gut health also impacts our brain, immunity, metabolism, mood, and sense of wellbeing. All of which can impact the quality and condition of our skin.

An unhappy and unhealthy gut is unable to eliminate toxins which triggers your immune system and causes inflammation — which can lead to breakouts, sensitivity, irritation, and premature. Collagen is also a good source of amino acids (Proline, Glutamine, and Glycine) that help to protect and strengthen the intestinal barrier and support overall digestive health and function.

The different types of Collagen

As many as 28 different kinds of Collagen have been identified in the body but the most important are:

  • Type I accounts for 90% of your body’s Collagen reserves and provides structure to the skin, bones, teeth, and connective tissue. When we’re talking skin quality and condition, Type 1 Collagen is the most influential protein by far
  • Type II is found in connective tissue such as cartilage which cushions your joints
  • Type III supports the structure of muscles, organs, and arteries
  • Type IV is found in the layers of your skin

The Collagen found in ingestible supplements is generally sourced from animal protein, like bovine Collagen from the hides and hooves of cattle, or marine Collagen which comes from fish skin. While there are some vegan, plant-based supplements on the market, they don’t actually contain Collagen but ingredients that are believed to boost natural reserves in the body.

What is hydrolysed Collagen & why is it important?

The most effective Collagen supplements contain Hydrolysed Marine Collagen as they are more easily absorbed by the body. The process of hydrolysis breaks down the Collagen into smaller units of protein known as peptides. Peptides have a lower molecular weight which makes them more easily absorbed, enabling them to more effectively support your body’s natural Collagen production and encourage healthier, stronger, more resilient skin.

How taking ingestible Collagen supports your skin routine

Like other proteins found naturally in the body, Collagen production unfortunately slows over time and is an inevitable part of biological ageing. Fortunately, there’s now significant anecdotal evidence of the skin benefits of taking Hydrolised Marine Collagen as a daily supplement. Studies show that ingestible Marine Collagen can help to boost your natural Collagen density and production, while also improving overall skin elasticity and hydration and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Supporting your body’s production of this vital protein with a daily oral supplement provides the ultimate Collagen boost and truly complements your topical skincare routine.

Meet your new daily skin support

Our new skinstitut Collagen Plus is a nutritious, Hydrolysed Marine Collagen supplement boosted by powerful antioxidants and minerals like Grape Seed Extract and Zinc to support, protect, and repair. A tasteless, odourless ingestible powder, it contains highly purified, sustainably sourced Collagen Peptides known as VERISOL® FCW which has been scientifically proven to be easily absorbed by the body to support the all-important Type I Collagen production for improved skin firmness, elasticity, and integrity.

Easily mixed into water or your favourite hot or cold drink, Collagen Plus offers a truly comprehensive approach to achieve your skin goals, from the inside out.

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