So You’ve Had a Professional Skin Treatment… Now What?

Whether you’ve treated your skin to some in-clinic skin needling, laser, or a chemical peel, it will definitely require some targeted TLC to help accelerate the healing process or minimize any visible redness, flaking, or inflammation.

Your dermal therapist would have given you some aftercare information but we’re here to remind you with this simple guide to what to use at home in the days following your treatment.

Cleanse Carefully

While your skin bounces back from an invasive professional treatment like skin-needling, microdermabrasion, or a chemical peel it’s important to keep cleansing regularly, even though you may be doing the downtime at home and makeup-free. Bacteria, invisible grime, and sunscreen still need to be removed. Now’s the time for our Gentle Cleanser: it purifies, calms, and hydrates with soothing botanicals and zero irritation.

Lightly Exfoliate

If you’ve had a laser treatment or a peel, chances are you’ll experience dryness and flakiness. In both instances, a physical exfoliant will be far too abrasive and will irritate your newly resurfaced skin. A gentle exfoliant like our tried-and-trusted Enzymatic Micro Peel will help to digest flaking or micro-crusting skin while calming, strengthening, and reinforcing hydration. We recommend waiting 48 hours after treatment before you start using Enzymatic Micro Peel.

Spritz Regularly

Hydration is important for any skin but never more so than for skin that’s had some form of professional resurfacing. This is when we reach for our Multi-Active Mist. It’s the fastest and easiest way to hydrate and soothe freshly treated skin, with an added antioxidant boost to repair and protect.

Take Your Vitamins

Think of our Rejuvenate 15 Serum like a vitamin smoothie for your skin. It’s powered by 15 vitamins and minerals that work in sync to help boost cellular renewal, elasticity, and firmness. This antioxidant-rich serum also helps to strengthen resilience and rehydrate skin from within, which makes it to ideal to incorporate post-treatment skin support.

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