Of all the weird and wonderful beauty trends that have popped up over the years, the skincare fridge is definitely one of the most interesting.

If you follow a bunch of beauty accounts on social media, you’ve no doubt seen these mini fridges everywhere, usually in a shade of Millennial pink (if you haven’t, take a quick scroll through #minifridgeshelfie). They’re cute, a bit of fun, and provide a handy place to stash your favourite formulas and facial tools. But is there actually any benefit in chilling your skincare routine?

Read on to find out.

So, What Is A Skincare Fridge?

A skincare fridge is a small fridge designed for storing your cosmetics. Typically a few litres in size, they come in a range of fun colours (like the aforementioned pink) and are just powerful enough to chill mists, serums, creams and tools – like rollers and toning equipment.

Do I Actually Need One?

The short answer is no, you don’t need a skincare fridge and they don’t provide any additional complexion benefits. Good quality skincare is formulated to retain its potency and stability at room temperature, so you shouldn’t need to worry about its efficacy if the temperature fluctuates.

What a skincare fridge can do is dial up the experience of applying skincare, especially in sticky summer conditions – much like the unmatched feeling of swapping over to the cool side of the pillow. Facial mists and soothing gels are twice as nice chilled, and believe us when we say that moving a frosty rose quartz roller across your face on a scorching day is 100 per cent refreshing.

Can’t I Just Put Things In The Kitchen Fridge?

Technically yes, but most household fridges are set between 1 and 3 degrees Celsius, whereas skincare fridges sit at around the 5-to-15-degree mark. Lower temperatures can cause more harm than good, so keep your topicals away from the kitchen fridge. That said, rollers, Gua sha and massage tools are completely fine.

Have a skincare fridge or are adding one to your cart as we speak? Congratulations! Here’s what we suggest you fill it up with:

Laser Aid: The original skin soother, this treatment gel is packed with calming ingredients like Aloe Vera and Panthenol to provide instant relief for stressed skin and reduce redness and inflammation post skin procedures. Storing it in the fridge only sweetens the soothing sensation, especially if your face feels hot, itchy or flushed.

Expert Revitalise Hyaluronic Jelly Mask: Quench dehydrated skin with a cooling shot of moisture, courtesy of this instantly refreshing jelly mask. Packed with humectants (hello, Hyaluronic Acid) as well as Kakadu Plum and Peptides, it’s a quick and easy pick-me-up that instantly plumps, brightens and smooths. 

Hydrating Mask: Creamy and extremely comforting, our Hydrating Mask is full of nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter and Vitamin E to replenish the moisture barrier. Try it chilled before a big event – the cool temperature will refresh your skin, leaving you all glowy.

Vitamin C 100%: We love this Vitamin C formula because the unique powdered format means it stays potent, activating only when it’s mixed into its carrier. It also works brilliantly chilled! Add a few shakes to your moisturiser or sunscreen for visibly brighter skin over time.

Multi-Active Mist: Is there anything better than a refreshing spritz of cool face mist on a humid day? We think not. Keep Multi-Active Mist in your cosmetics fridge to top up hydration levels, cool you down post workout or help you emerge from that early afternoon slump.

What Products Should I Avoid Refrigerating?

Some active ingredients like Retinol, Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid are best left at room temperature as drastic changes can impact their integrity. A good rule of thumb is to chill formulas that aim to hydrate and soothe, whereas exfoliants and anti-agers are best stored at room temperature.

Want to read up on more summer skin tips as the weather warms? Read our blog on the wonders of Vitamin C right here.

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