7 Things We Love About Sheet Masks

Treatment masks are the instant gratifiers of the skincare world. An easy step to add into your weekly skincare routine, they reward us with almost-immediate results for minimal effort.

Here’s why we’re feeling the love for sheet masks right now:

1. They’re Soaked in Skin Goodness

To be fair, all types of treatment masks — including our OG Hydrating Mask — drench the skin in nourishing ingredients but sheet masks are made of materials (such as fibre, cellulose, gel, or plant pulp) that are not only highly absorbent, allowing them to retain those ingredients, but they also have the ability to easily and efficiently deliver them to your skin.

In every one of our new Quick-Fix Sheet Masks, we’ve infused a significant 25ml of concentrated serum into the mask fibres to deliver high-performance cosmeceuticals to where skin needs them most.

2. They’re an Instant Skin Boost

So many of us haven’t been able to see our dermal therapists as often as we normally do, thanks to the ongoing global pandemic. Now, don’t think for one minute we’re suggesting that a 15-minute sheet mask is remotely close to the skin transformation you’ll achieve in the expert hands of a professional…but using a sheet mask 1-2 times a week in conjunction with your regular skincare routine can help take your skin to new heights. You can also quickly address specific issues and changes you might be seeing in your skin right now – like dehydration, premature ageing, dullness, inflammation, and increased sensitivity. 

3. They Treat Specific Conditions or Concerns

In order to achieve a visible difference in your skin, a sheet mask is generally targeted to a specific skin condition or concern. It works its magic with an infusion of ingredients proven to help improve that condition. For instance, in our new Quick-Fix Brightening Sheet Mask we tackle dull, tired-looking skin that’s lost its lustre with a concentrated brightening serum; botanical brighteners like Vitamin C and Pineapple and Tangerine Peel Extract to help even skin tone and boost radiance.

We offer four different varieties in our new Quick-Fix Sheet Mask collection: Brightening, Hydrating, Calming, and Anti-Ageing.

4. They’re Great Protectors

Sheet masks act as an occlusive barrier that sits on top of the skin (with holes for your eyes, nostrils, and mouth) to not only help the serum to penetrate your skin but to lock in those ingredients and protect and prevent moisture loss and dehydration. We use Biocellulose (in our Calming and Anti-Ageing masks) and Lotus Fibre (in our Brightening and Hydrating masks) for their superior moisture-retention properties and the way they cling comfortably to the skin.

5. They Travel Well

Individually and hygienically packaged, sheet masks are convenient, single-use treatments. Which means they’re perfect to stash in your makeup or gym bag, the glovebox of your car, your partner’s house, or your desk drawer for spontaneous masking moments.

Our new Quick-Fix Sheet Masks come in a set of four individually packaged mask sachets for each different skin concern.

6. No Rinsing Required

Unlike many other masks, there’s no rinsing required with a sheet mask. You simply peel it off and massage what’s left of the serum into your skin. If you have any excess serum left, massage it into your neck and décolletage, and onto the backs of your hands.

7. They’re Environmentally Friendly

Well, we can’t speak for every sheet mask out there but we’re proud to say that our Quick-Fix Sheet Masks are biodegradable.

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